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For historical reference I'm leaving this old site up. It covers more than 15 years of experience designing projects for the internet, interactive TV, and CDROM. The selection has been narrowed to show a diversity of style and content, from dynamic data-driven websites to interactive applications to Web 2.0 user-contributed, social networking sites. My role is indicated on each entry. The portfolio is organized in chronological order by type of deliverable.

I am a designer with special focus on concept development, user experience, user interface, and visual design. Some clients hire me to develop a project from start through completion; steps can include ideation and strategy, focus groups, information architecture, user interface design, user testing, graphics design, programming, and implementation. Other clients hire me into a team environment to provide a specific group of functions.

I began as a software designer, trained in analysis, design, programming, and art, with my educational background including a B.S. in Mathematics and a Minor in Art and in Sociology from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

For a bit of my philosophy regarding work, art, and life choices, see A Force for Good.

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Here is a link to my portfolio of paintings.

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